Monday, 16 December 2013

Surf, Sex, Violence 85 - 86 (14)

 It was a big weekend and I broke every single rule I could.

However I do remember.

Leroy checking to see if my mother was wearing underwear.
Leroy and Jack head butting everyone before they could get in.
Leroy kicking things off with a bang by throwing all the food that had been prepared across the room.
The ensuing food fight.
My parents leaving after 10 minutes.
The party basically degenerating into a drunken orgy.
Locking myself in my bedroom with a few female friends
My parents coming home to find the house destroyed
My parents banging down my bedroom door go get me out
My girlfriend banging down my bedroom door to get me out
Coming out of my bedroom to have Leroy throw my chocolate birthday cake at me and miss.
Seeing said chocolate cake hit the wall and spray all down the passageway.
Going into the bathroom to find my brother standing on the edge of the bath urinating on an unknown naked female who had passed out in the bath.
Realising the whole downstairs of the house was under water.
Realising things had got completely out of hand and just carrying on.
Seeing Jack pull the lounge curtains down so he could use them as a blanket as he passed out on the floor.
Being amazed at the fact there was no fight.
Being even more amazed at how easy it was to get my birthday present from all of my lady friends.

Knowing that anyone who was at that party would never ever, ever forget it.

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