Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Surf, Sex, Violence 85 - 86 (15)

And I quote.. A few notes coming in from that night, "fuck me it was a good Jol."

"Bru -
- I remember you ou's been toga'ed up for most of the day
- Vying bottleshop with them on
- We did the same.
- I remember Leroy and the cake 
- Sticking his face in the thing - 
- Then wiped it on the wall in the toilet …or was that shit ?
- The whole lounge was awash with a combo of water, puke and piss with us pogoing slipping and falling in it to our great amusement
- Someone did a somersault into the beer bath they were so dronk when they bent over to get a beer…
- I remember the chicks past out in the bath and someone pissing on them…
- Some chick trying to shag me 
- These are all flashes in no semblance of order 
- I remember the old lady having shit fit when she got home….cant remember the time

…..fuck me it was a good jol !!!"

Courtesy of Bad Bill Mullitup.

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