Tuesday, 21 January 2014

JBAY Tales (1)

From that very first moment I laid eyes on her, I have felt her close to me.

Like most eternal love affairs it was more of a lusty need at first, a primal urge to see her again as soon as possible, a need to be near her, to feel her energy to absorb and be absorbed by her.

With time that need has eased and has evolved into a warm feeling of trust, I know she is there, she is not going anywhere, she is patiently waiting for me, we both know there could never be another.

I love her smell, I love her beauty, I love her touch, there is only one like her, I have looked the world over and I cannot find anything that even comes close to her, she truly is unique and I need her.

We have had our ups and our downs, of course we have, like all jealous lovers she even tried to kill me. We have had some great times, the best of times actually. Important times, key moments, moments that mark a lifetime.

Ever since that very first day, I have moved H eaven and earth to be with her, she has been good to me, she has been amazing, even the trying to kill me bit somehow strangely has made me grow as a person, it has made me stronger, it has made me love her even more.
I have made it my mission to make sure she is part of me, and I have succeeded.

From that very first day in 81 we have been together far too little, but we have been together as often as possible and just a  single day with her is better than a 100 with another.

I am eternally grateful to have Jeffreys Bay in my life, she is my paradise on earth.

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