Wednesday, 22 January 2014

JBay Tales (2)

I am not sure exactly how we managed to scam our way back to JBay only 6 months later. Jack, Leroy and myself alone in J bay for 2 weeks. We were only 16 and we managed to get there and look after ourselves and surf ourselves to death.

Anyway to cut a long story short we managed to convince our biology teacher Mr P to take us to JBay a 1000km drive each way during the winter school holidays in July. Mr P at best was a dodgy character and he would have loved to fondle my bottom. 

I learnt pretty quick that sex gives you power, or in this case the desire he had to fondle my bum, gave me a hold over him. Thinking back now, it most certainly was a dangerous game to be playing at olny 16, but BB had taught me well and used sex to manuipulate and twist me to her will. I guess if you got to learn the hard way its best to learn while you still young. 

Mr P also just happened to be the teacher in charge of the photography club which we of course joined, he just loved the dark room and took a special interest in taking photos of me. With every dodgy photo he took we got closer and closer to JBay.

Just so we get this perfectly clear, Leroy and Jack were always near and Mr P knew without the slightest shadow of a doubt, that if he so much as tried to touch anyone of us he would have lots of his limbs broken.  However like most devious dirty men his desire was too much for him and he agreed to take us to JBay. 

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