Sunday, 26 January 2014

JBay Tales (3)

Its hard to imagine how J Bay was back then, it was really just a small little town, only the one hotel in the center of town , not a single house on the point yet, not a single back packers, no accommodation anywhere at all, just the hotel, the rondavels or the caravan Park.   No supermarket,   just Unger´s general store, no take away places except Trawlers for fish and chips across the road from the hotel, which to this day is still there. The guest book is also still there and what we wrote in it more than 30 years ago is also still there.

We stayed in the rondavels run by Mrs Spowart, no heating, 3 rusty old beds a small gas stove, no fridge, one small window and a very small kitchen kind of place, not even a toilet or shower, this was in a comunal block and did not have hot water. J Bay in July is cold, believe me it is cold, we had old useless wetsuits, we wore all the clothes we had all at the same time, for 3 straight weeks, we surfed ourselves into a stupor. We pretty much had every single spot to ourselves and it just pumped non stop day after day. 

This was home for 3 weeks and it was paradise.

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