Tuesday, 28 January 2014

JBAY Tales (4)

I been kind of thinking about the whole Mr P deal. Pretty amazing really, would I let my 16 year old son go off with some dodgy teacher for 3 weeks, even if he was just going to be supplying the lift and was not actually going to be staying with him.

Of course I would, if he had 2 friends the caliber of Leroy and Jack getting his back, and I knew my son was as mentally strong as I was, of course I would. Fuck sakes it’s a trip to J bay. He will be ok. I knid of think we were so much more street smart then than the kids of today, the kids of today have soooo much more info at their disposition but we just were tougher and smarter and we did not take much shit from anyone.

Ok so after saying that, Mr P did not just drop us in J bay and bugger off, no he came around and did spend a night or 2, he came to check to see if we were ok, he said. We were stoked the long walk down to Supers everyday was a pain and when he was around we could surf way more as the car was a bonus.
However he always seemed to have his camera in his hands every time we were getting in and out of our wetsuits and it was always pointed at my arse for some reason. He also followed us into the showers at night and took photos of us showering, the dirty sod.
We all knew what was going on and played the game to perfection, we still had 2 more years at school and 2 more trips to J bay in July to nurture.

(you know I got worse photos than these, but you not seeing them.)

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