Thursday, 30 January 2014

JBAY Tales (5)

This was my first real surf trip where we were free to do whatever we pleased, just Jack, Leroy and myself and we were good, we did nothing bad, nothing  bad at all. It was the first and last surf trip with Leroy where nothing bad happened,. Every single trip after that one just got progressively worse and worse, actually I mean better and better. 

We surfed all day, and then we surfed some more. We ate huge amounts of canned curry fish and rice, drank huge amounts of alcohol and lit our farts. Man that was a sight to behold, our diet was less than healthy and the curried fish, rice and alcohol mix made us drop some atomic bomb farts and when you drop atomic bomb farts and you are drunk and bored in a dark cold rondavel. You light those things up. 

Jesus to this day I have not seen anything like it (except of course that time at the Café Paris in Hossegor when DH tried to launch a rocket out of his bum)  huge luminous green jet fuel flames spurting out of our rings lighting up the room, kind of like the northern lights with a kick. Of course this was the best thing ever and just made us try harder to out do the last one, fuck it was funny.
I cant say this was the best most classic trip ever, as it was not, but it was the first and it was awesome, the first is always something you remember. There were no drugs, there were no women, there were no fights. Once !  just this once not one of those things happened and we were good.

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