Monday, 20 January 2014

JBAY Tales.

You know when its love at first sight.

You just know,it´s not something you can control, it’s a feeling that kind of creeps into your stomach, deep down inside of you. When you see her the hair on your arms stands on end, you feel a whole number of emotions all at once.

No matter how many times you see her, no matter how many times, it´s always the same feeling. An uncontrollable urge to be with her always, but life is cruel sometimes and no matter how many nights you dream of waking up and seeing her in all her glory, destiny has kept us apart.

No matter how many days pass without her I know it is just a question of time before I see her again and even if for just  a few brief moments she is mine again. Hope is what keeps me moving forward each day, the hope that one day soon we can be together again.

That same destiny that brought us together now keeps us apart, she can never leave. She is always there. No one can ever take her away from me, she is a part of me.

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