Tuesday, 11 February 2014

JBAY Tales (8)

I loved school, I could never understand the guys who hated it. I saw it clear as day, they were going to be the best years of our lives. Well at least at the time I thought that. Now I know the best years of my life have pretty much been every single one in one way or another, anyway I digress.

School was always easy, I never ever made an effort, the objective was to pass and move on. I just learnt the rules and got on with it, no stress and did what needed to be done.

I worked it out real early in life, you just got to play the cards you get dealt, you either play them smart and win even with a bad hand or be an idiot and lose with 3 Aces. I got dealt an Ace and I have played it all my life, it’s the other cards that keep changing as life moves on, but that Ace I have always had up my sleeve.

I knew I had to get the most out of my school days, after school came the army and a job, how the hell could that be better than school, I understood that clearly, all I wanted to do was surf and hang out with BB, I knew I had to get the teachers on my side.

Mr P well that was under control, a few photos here and there , trips to J Bay and never a bad result in any of my science or biology exams. He however did get very frustrated and loved to have me whipped, the sadistic bugger. He would always know if I was at school or not as he watched my every move and would turn me in and have my arse stripped to the bone.
History was also under control, Du Bois was the teacher in charge of the school surfing team which I was the captain of, he knew if I failed I would be banned from surfing by my dad so no matter how badly my history exams went he always found a way to pass me. He was a legend, blind as a bat and he loved surfing with us, but could never see the sets coming so we would just quietly paddle away from him and watch him get caught inside, fuck it was funny stuff.
I loved English, actually I loved my English teacher way more, she was by far the sexiest woman at school and I loved her to bits. I always liked English, for her I made an effort. One night on one of our many drunken town nights out, Leroy, Jack and myself at my insistence went round to her flat on the beachfront, it was about 1am when I knocked on her door. Unfortunately her husband answered the door and I made an idiot of myself, but the message was loud and clear. It was a message to myself mainly. 

I was still young, only 17 but knew already that if you don’t buy the ticket you will never ever catch the bus. 

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