Sunday, 9 February 2014

JBay Tales (7)

If nothing else, this tale has made me realize that, I have done and or been involved in some crazy stuff in my lifetime.

Nearly always it has involved women or violence, if we add Leroy into the equation and women, violence and Leroy are involved under normal circumstances the story could and should never be told. However sometimes you just gotta say what the fuck.

It was our next trip to J Bay that we really lit the wick to everything that was going to follow.

We were 17, we had done our first trip and had survived, Mr P was still around he took us back the next year, but no Jack it was Birdman who came along this time. 

Even Leroy is not sure if this tale should be told. There are a lot of things I am not exactly proud of doing and this is one of those times but fuck sakes it certainly was amusing at the time.

It involves an 8mm film a cassette tape, 2 lady friends, Leroy, Birdman and myself and believe me we have done a lot of stuff we should have gone to jail for and this would have made the top 3 for sure.

Of all the naughty shit we have done, this was by far the naughtiest.

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