Monday, 3 February 2014

JBay Tales (6)

There was never really any doubt, that at 16 we would be ok, honestly I can’t even remember if we had any money, obviously we did, but not a cash card that daddy would have topped up and we could just take what we wanted, no, nothing like that we had a bit of cash and it had to last.

Fuck we had a good time, not even Mr P trying to kiss me using a piece of nougart as bait made Leroy and Jack bash him senseless, we knew he was our pass to more trips and our lift to surf at Seals and much more.

While we were there we saw the start of the 1st Pro event in J Bay the Beach Hotel surf Classic, I just knew right there and then I wanted to surf in that contest, even though Supers on my twinfin was a nightmare, I just could not surf the place properly, I had no drive and the never ending walls were just so different to the drop and barrel of the Bluff, I had a hard time surfing Supertubes for years, but in the end I eventually got its number. I had to surf the left hand point breaks in Spain and Indo before I could come back and surf Supers.

I know now there is no other place on the planet quite like it. “ Speed is everything” A lot later in life while on the world tour, Jack Shipley the founder of the Pipe Masters and Lightning Bolt pulled me aside and said to me, " Son speed is a manouevre in itself" and believe me at Supertubes you can go faster than anywhere else on earth.

(Ps by the way today is exactly 5 years to the day I bashed my brains out on the rocks at Tubes and started this whole little adventure.)

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