Thursday, 13 February 2014

JBAY Tales (9)

I guess what I am trying to say is, if you really want something you got to go and get it, just sitting there thinking about it is not going to do the job, you got to take the risk and make it happen.

Of course you get rejected, of course you fail, but if you don’t even try,  those things are guaranteed.

We were at that stage in life where the limits were always going to be pushed, what was acceptable and what was not we had to work out for ourselves. It’s a fine line sometimes.

The surf was the same, the bungalow was the same, the food was the same, the beers, vodka, cough mixture all were the same. That year we brought an 8mm movie camera, a cassette tape and girls into the equation and it got messy very fast.

The rest went pretty much to plan, a few more dodgy photos, heaps of perfect waves and miraculously that year we stayed out of jail. It was however always just a question of time before we did eventually find our way there, but we still had a few more years of pushing things to breaking point before it did eventually end up in a huge big bloody mess.

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