Monday, 28 April 2014

JBAY Tales (16)

Up until that moment I always had this kind of ideal image of girls, they were just so perfect, they could never be bad, they could never do anything wrong, they just couldn’t. D helped change that.

Obviously BB had been a crazy little thing, but I kind of knew deep down she was not normal, nice girls surely did not jump on you in the lounge and have a quicky while mom went off to make a cup of tea, I guessed that was not normal, or was it ? 

D opened up a whole new can of questions.

Honestly to this day, I am no nearer to any of the answers to the questions D started spinning around in my brain that day.

However it did re enforce my ever increasing belief in my new theory of if you don’t try, you will never know.  Leroy a few years later in the Beach Hotel put the final nail in that coffin when he just walked up to a group of girls sitting having a drink and without so much as a single previous word asked the one nearest to him if she would like to fuck !!!!.

She looked up at him, then across the room at Jack, Birdman and myself and said, why not.

Wednesday, 16 April 2014

JBAY Tales (15)

I suppose that should worry me, the fact my biggest problem at the time was how I was going to get those semen stains off Bruce´s jacket. I didn’t even blink an eye to the fact that we had some strange naked girl kicking and struggling in bed, her friend sitting having a smoke on the stairs outside, and an old lady looking at us through the bedroom window.

Bruce had a dark side to him , he had an aura that induced fear about him sometimes, I had seen him beat the shit of people, he had an awesome temper, fuck under absolutely no circumstances could he ever find out Leroy had cum all over his jacket. 

Monday, 14 April 2014

JBAY Tales (14)

The next few minutes were just out of control, so funny, so exciting, so wrong.

I could recite every single word said line for line but no ways in a million years is that going to happen, not here anyway.
I had this red blanket jacket, it wasn’t mine in was Bruce´s he had lent it to me as we don’t really have that much cold weather clothing up in Durban, so he let me use his jacket to go down to J Bay in winter, it was just the coolest jacket ever, fur lined and a red tartan print. It really was the coolest jacket ever.

We were dumb but we were not idiots, we knew you cant be having sex with some total stranger, she might fall pregnant. This was way before AIDS was even heard of so that was not even a factor we just knew you did not want to get a strange girl pregnant.

I guess that was what was going through Leroys mind as he got down to the short strokes and suddenly in a rush pulled out and tried to get to the open window to blow his load out into the garden. Of course he did not make it and squirted all over Bruce`s red jacket which was hanging on the bed post. I am not sure if the noise D had been making as she was kicking up a bit of a fuss by now or it was just by chance, but just at that moment Mrs Spowart the manager of the caravan park was walking and snooping about near our rondavel and looked straight into Leroys eyes as he stood there naked with his dick in his hand in the window.

Wednesday, 9 April 2014

JBAY Tales (13)

This was it, literally every single teenage guys dream come true.

A sexy slightly older girl just oozing sex defiantly.

There is always that moment when you actually have to deal with something you have imagined a million times before and believe me, it never ever is how you expect it to be. No matter how many times you have played something over in your head, until you actually have to do it, you just do not know how you are going to react.

This was huge.

Monday, 7 April 2014

JBay Tales (12)

She slammed the door shut as she left in a huff, it was one of those double doors, like the one we had in the kitchen at home on the Bluff, with a top and bottom part. For some reason the top part did not stay closed and swung back open, Scarface obviously did not want to watch through the window and just sat down on the steps with the door half open and listened to everything.

D just sat there on the bed making absolutely no sign of trying to get away, calm as a cucumber she sat there with a defiant stare, kind of like ok so here I am what are you going to do about it ?

We had only met her 10 minutes ago.