Monday, 14 April 2014

JBAY Tales (14)

The next few minutes were just out of control, so funny, so exciting, so wrong.

I could recite every single word said line for line but no ways in a million years is that going to happen, not here anyway.
I had this red blanket jacket, it wasn’t mine in was Bruce´s he had lent it to me as we don’t really have that much cold weather clothing up in Durban, so he let me use his jacket to go down to J Bay in winter, it was just the coolest jacket ever, fur lined and a red tartan print. It really was the coolest jacket ever.

We were dumb but we were not idiots, we knew you cant be having sex with some total stranger, she might fall pregnant. This was way before AIDS was even heard of so that was not even a factor we just knew you did not want to get a strange girl pregnant.

I guess that was what was going through Leroys mind as he got down to the short strokes and suddenly in a rush pulled out and tried to get to the open window to blow his load out into the garden. Of course he did not make it and squirted all over Bruce`s red jacket which was hanging on the bed post. I am not sure if the noise D had been making as she was kicking up a bit of a fuss by now or it was just by chance, but just at that moment Mrs Spowart the manager of the caravan park was walking and snooping about near our rondavel and looked straight into Leroys eyes as he stood there naked with his dick in his hand in the window.

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