Sunday, 18 May 2014

Morphine Memories One part II (6)

It all started about 100km outside of Burgos on those long straight roads heading west into the sun.

We had stopped for supplies in Burgos, the first and last time I had ever been there, that was the glory of travelling in the van, it had everything a stove, fridge, table. While one of you was driving the other guy could make coffee, lunch, whatever you did not have to stop.

It was in a small butchers shop in Burgos that I saw the single most beautiful women I had ever seen. We had gone in to get some cold meats and some chicken and there she stood behind the counter in her blood stained white butchers overcoat and bloody white gloves. Jet black long hair tied up in a bun with her snowy white neck showing. That was all I needed to see actually just a glimpse of neck and I knew  hands down she was the women of my dreams.

Neither Bullo or I spoke a single word of Spanish, we pointed out and mumbled in English what we wanted, she laughed and giggled at us making fools of ourselves, we paid and left. We still had a long drive ahead of us.

It all started to go horribly wrong when Bullo threw the first raw egg out of the window on that long straight road heading west into the sun.

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