Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Morphine Memories One part II (7)

If history has taught us one thing. It is the surprise attack, the Blitzkrieg is effective. The first blow is always the most important but if you are going to throw it. If you attack, make damn sure you make it a telling blow, take your adversary down in those first moments of combat.

Bullo had made the perfect first strike. The egg splattered all over the green mamba and the looks of terror and surprise were worth their weight in gold.

We won that first round and the next few after that, Bullo went on a mission. However we soon ran out of food to throw, it became serious when Bullo, decided it was time to roll the dice and had a shit in a plastic bag and lobbed that all over the side of Georgies green mamba.

We were just cracking up, this was the funniest journey we had done in a while, we had the Guns and Roses absolutely blaring full blast and the miles were just flying by, this was going to be a trip to remember.

However, history also should have taught us if your enemy has superior weapons and you do not take him down and leave him to regroup, its just a question of time before he comes and gets revenge. Invariably it is swift and devastating.

The Green Mamba, was vastly superior to our slow older version of the Kombi and as we saw them speed off into the distance soiled and damaged, we remembered that they had a turret and Katsy was standing tall and defiant waving his dick at us while he stared us down as they accelerated away bent on revenge.

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