Thursday, 22 May 2014

Morphine Memories One part II (8)

I am not sure what is worse, knowing you are going to get punished and just sitting it out waiting to take your beating, like when we were at school, you would get told you had been busted first thing in the morning but would only get called to get whipped 5 minutes before you went home, so you had to just sit and suffer all day, waiting to feel that biting pain.

The other is of course thinking you had got away with your crime and with no warning whatsoever just when you are breathing freely, punishment is dealt out with swift brutality giving no time to prepare.

Suddenly bearing down on us at full speed coming directly towards us was George, Katsy and the Green Mamba.

Katsy had a suspiciously large object in his hand as he stood tall in the turret speeding towards us. It was kind of like a joust with the two knights charging towards each other except we had no lance, we were defenseless.  George put his foot flat and accelerated to maximum speed  at the precise moment the bomb flew straight and true.

The explosion as it hit the windscreen was astounding, shit, flour, milk, piss, everything was in that packet as it exploded not on the windscreen but blew the windscreen into a million shards of broken flying bits of safety glass. It then exploded inside the van, a precursor to a bunker buster.

How we survived I do not know, but we were fucked, proper fucked.

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