Sunday, 6 September 2015

The Leroy Chronicles. (1)

The Leroy Chronicles.

Deep inside you know you just can`t do that shit.  Then there is Leroy, if you have hung around Leroy long enough you realize that you actually can. The amount of completely crazy out of control absolutely totally morally unacceptable moments at Leroy´s side are astounding.

However that is not even the astounding part. What is incredible is nothing ever happened, not ever, well not to us anyway. Of course there have been girls, police, blood, broken bones, lots of pretty much everything but never to us.

We were inseparable when we were young but first the army, then marriage, kids and just life has kept us apart for years at times, but when Leroy is at your side. Shit happens.

I doubt I could ever tell all the stories and I most certainly could not tell the whole truth but lets start with a few. " The Leroy chronicles "

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