Monday, 7 September 2015

The Leroy Chronicles (2)

I had never ever set eyes on her before and clearly had no idea what she was doing standing next to Leroy as he made his spectacular entrance into the civic reception for the Newquay Board Masters at the Headland hotel at Fistral beach.

There they were as security were trying to shuffle him and his lady friend out of the hallway and back onto the street. This night was a big deal, all the town big wigs were present, the Mayor was all dressed up in full gala dress with chains and all. The town crier was dressed in an even crazier outfit and was ringing his bell and announcing everyone on the short list of invited guests as they arrived.

Leroy pulled out his crumpled invitation and entered the hall with a crazy look of satisfaction on his face as he strode across the hall in my direction and the name Brad Gerlach was called out loud and clear for all to hear.

It was then that Pez who was standing next to me at that precise moment looked over at me and said in his thick Spanish accent, are you farging crazzy mannnnnnn, tonight you will be fired this I say to you now.

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