Wednesday, 9 September 2015

The Leroy Chronicles (3)

I had been invited as the manager of ASP Europe along with the top 8 surfers in the event to attend the larney dinner dance function, we were all sitting at our own table pretty much in the middle of the dining hall, the guests of honour.

Leroy was the last to arrive at our table and the first confused looks of all present soon turned to amusement then to just outright amazement. Clearly Leroy was not Brad Gerlach even though he had just sat himself down at the place marked Brad Gerlach. Machado was the most confused, Davo just smiled, Big Foot had a raised eyebrow but said nothing, the rest just kind of looked puzzled.

Leroy put things straight before I could say a word and once again I quote. 

“Hi I´m Brad, I can´t remember what this young lady´s name is as I just met her on the street outside 5 minutes ago.” That raised a few snickers and Davo was immediately impressed, Leroy however was only warming up. “I saw she had this thing in her tongue and  (this was the early 90`s and I had never actually ever seen a tongue piercing before)  I thought, I am sure by the end of the night I could get her to stick that little metal ball stuck in her tongue right up the hole in the end of my dick”

That was when I knew I was fucked.

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