Wednesday, 7 September 2016

The Leroy Chronicles (5)

I first got word that Leroy was in town from 2 different sources, both told the same tale and same look of mixed curiosity and worry written all over their faces.

Apparently the train from London does not get all the way to Newquay, which was Leroys selected means of transport on his sojourn to the sunny west coast and a week of chaos in Cornwall. Apparently it is a long, hot train ride to wherever the last stop is, then a long hitch into town. Apparently more than a few liquid refreshemnts were needed to make the whole thing bareable and by the time Newquay was finally reached Leroy was a little hot and bothered.

He also had absolutely no idea where to find me.

It is a short walk from the contest site to the hotel down the only access road from the town centre to the beach. It was on this road where I got my first and second warnings both in quick succession.

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