Friday, 31 May 2013

Morphine Memories Three (11)

I guess sometimes the small things influence us more than we can imagine.

I know for a fact, this scene from Risky Business most certainly did and when push came to shove, I followed this advice word for word, and I dont regret it one single little bit.

There are always going to be the difficult moral choices in life, which for some strange reason always involves women. Surfing, fighting, shitting in a cupboard, that stuff just kind of happens, but when it comes to women.

If you cant say it, you cant do it.

Have a great weekend, Leroy and I are going surfing.

Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Morphine Memories Three (10)

I honestly have spent many hours thinking about how we all changed doing our National Military service, when we finished we did some crazy stuff. Bad stuff, funny stuff, just plain weird stuff, it just did not matter. No matter how hard we pushed the limits, it never even came close to the real life experiences we had to endure a few years earlier. No matter what we did it just did not seem to matter.

Not for a second am I implying we were angels before. We were naughty little shits, it was an innocent mischief, but that changed.
Having a dump on the cupboard of the hotel, did not even raise a moral question at the time, they wanted to screw me and not give me a breakfast I had paid for, well, take a big shit in your cupboard, see if I care.

Obviously the rest of the world did not quite see it that way and when the cleaning lady came in to make up the room, the proverbial shit really did hit the fan.

I had climbed down off the cupboard, gone to my room had a shower packed my bags and left for the airport, oblivious to the carnage I had left behind.

Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Morphine Memories Three (9)

I never saw her or Jockey underpants and shotgun ever again and it was a relief. Unfortunately it was far from over and Sunday was going to be another strange day in Gonubie.
My brother Troy was there as well with the North Swell junior team, we all had to share double rooms, Troy was in another room down the passage way, but I was not sure which one it was.

I had made it through all my heats and was in the first quarter final heat of the morning at 8am on Sunday morning. I was down early for a practice surf but lost and was out of the contest with an equal 5th. I watched a few more heats and slowly walked back to the hotel for the huge big delux buffet breakfast, which I missed in the morning as I did not want to surf on a full stomach.

I got back to the hotel just before 10 and went into the dining room, but they had stopped serving breakfast already and were clearing up. I was starving and was looking forward to stuffing my face, when they told me I was too late I was furious. Breakfast was included and it was open till 10am, I complained to the manager but to no avail and was barred from breakfast.
When I went up to my room I was not a happy camper, I felt doubly ripped off, first in my heat then by the hotel and breakfast.

I am not quite sure what went through my head at that moment, but I was busting for a big morning shit, so I walked into a room on the same floor as mine, climbed onto the top of the nice wooden bedroom cupboard and took a huge dump.

Monday, 27 May 2013

Morphine Memories Three (8)

I would amazingly hear that exact same phrase again later that same year at the Beach Hotel Cabanas in Jeffreys Bay, but that’s another story, this time it was not funny at all. I made the fastest eject off the roof you could ever imagine. I jumped into the hedge with my pants still around my ankles, fell into the next doors yard and made an escape.

Jockey underpants and shotgun, gave chase, but I was way too fast, they had taught us well in the army. I took the long route back to the hotel but knew this was far from over. He would be back and hunting me down again the next day. I would be spending the rest of the weekend, running down from the hotel to surf my heats and hiding out in my room.

I used to have a big Jockey underwear poster as a grom of Shaun Tomson in a perfect backdoor barrel on my bedroom wall. I loved that poster and had to wear Jockey underpants when I was a boy.

To this day I have never ever, ever worn a pair of Jockey underpants again.

Sunday, 26 May 2013

Morphine Memories Three (7)

I could not reach !!!!

I am not the tallest guy in the world and the bars were just too high for me to get a good thrust going.

So with my jeans around my ankles I climbed up onto the bottom horizontal bar. That was the trick, from there it was just right. White arse flashing to anyone who walked by, hanging off the burglar bars like some kind of kinky robber, a perfect start to my first ever night in Gonubie.

I wish I could say it ended happily ever after but of course, it did not.

We made way too much noise, burglar bars creaking and straining under my weight, flesh slapping, grunting and groaning, it was just way too much noise.

As I was about to get into the short strokes, that’s when the shit hit the fan.

The same instant as all the lights flashed on I heard him scream“ Wat die Fok gaan hier aan” from the front door downstairs. Just one glance was enough to know it was time to get the hell out of there. He was a big man, standing in his white Jockey underpants, tea strainer white vest and a pump action shotgun in his hand and he seemed to be very upset.

(Wat die Fok gaan hier aan – Afrikaans. “what the fuck is going on here”)

Saturday, 25 May 2013

Weekend Interlude.

 Leroy will arrive tomorrow, its going to be fun.

What happened on the roof in Gonubie will continue on Monday, have a great weekend everyone.
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Friday, 24 May 2013

Morphine Memories Three (6)

My brain went into a spin, what was she doing, why did she want me up here?

Clearly I could not get in, now what?

Cool as a cat she strutted right up to the bars pressed herself up against them and said come here.

Holy shit!!!!! how did I find these girls?

She then turned around pressed her arse up against the bars and calmly said, do it through the bars.

I nearly fell off the roof. 

Thursday, 23 May 2013

Morphine Memories Three (5)

If you are lucky she walks into your life once, twice if you are extremely lucky and when she does you just know. There is no mistaking the feeling, no room for error. Just a simple glance from her makes your heart jump, your blood races through your body and you have to use every ounce of self-control not to make an absolute fool of yourself. Your world changes and there is no going back.

You know you would give it all up for her,you would do what needed to be done, you would do it to be by her side. No more messing around, no more BB, no more MM, no more crazy blonde princesses, no more one off weekend adventures, and most definitely no more crazy nights.


Back in Gonubie one of the craziest nights of all was about to explode in my face. We had finally got to the blonde princesses house, the lights were on and her dad was waiting. I was about to just say goodbye and leave when she grabbed my arm and said her room was upstairs and I had to just wait a while until her dad went to bed and she would turn on her bedside lamp and I must climb up onto the ledge and she would let me in.

Afrikaans girls are gnarly, they have an edge, that unpolished feel to them and I was about to find out they will do what it takes.

It did not take long and in hindsight not nearly long enough, before the light in her bedroom came on. It was an easy climb up onto the small awning roof under her bedroom window. Strangely almost exactly the same as climbing up to my brothers bedroom back at home on the Bluff, I always had to get in through his bedroom window if I sneaked in and out of the house and had no key.

She was waiting for me at the window in her pyjamas, that’s when I realized things were not going to be quite like I expected. There were burglar bars on her bedroom window and no way could I just climb into her room. I guess she saw the confused look on my face, she just smiled and stripped off her pyjamas and stood naked on the other side of the bars looking at me temptingly with a very naughty smile and an evil glint in her eye.

She looked me straight in the eyes and started swaying her hips in the dulled light of her bedside lamp, I gave the bars a good shake but they were solid, no ways was I getting into that room.

Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Morphine Memories Three (4)

She looked at her watch and did a Cinderella on me. She said she had to be home early as she had a school hockey game early the next day and her father had said she had to be home by 11.

So we slowly walked back to the hotel and then up the road to her house a few blocks away, it was no big surprise really, everything was going according to plan, a kiss good night and plans to meet the next day. Saturday night was always the last night before you left for home, so that was the do or die night. Girls you end up having sex with only a few hours after meeting them are always a bit of a worry, especially when they are still at school.

When things take a serious twist away from the norm, they are the times you will always remember. This night was about to get surprising, hilarious and terrifying all at the same time. BB had set the tone and MM had rammed it home, the weirder shit becomes the more exciting and stimulating it is.

I have had some unbelievable nights, believe me, but this little blond princess was about to give me a night I will never ever forget.

Monday, 20 May 2013

Morphine Memories Three (3)

Herbie lived in East London “ Slummies”  and had bragged about the Gonubie Classic as being an all time contest, where the parties were way more fun than the actual competition. So when the North Swell surf club sent the A team to compete, I was stoked, the Slummies girls had an amazing reputation and Gonubie an even better reputation for being wild.

The club organized everything and we checked into the Gonubie Hotel right on the point, the opening function was there and it was straight into party mode. Girls were everywhere and outnumbered the guys at least 2 to 1. The plan was always the same, find the best one possible, for some reason the sexiest girls kind of get left out, and go in for the kill. No hesitation.

I honestly cannot remember her name, but she was blond and very cute. We went for a walk outside and were making out on the wooden walkway that went towards the river mouth, where the contest was going to be the next day. 

If I had known her father would be hunting me down in a few hours time, I would have just walked away and gone to bed like everyone else who was competing the next day, but she was a very insistent young lady and I just loved that.

Why East London is called Slummies.

Morphine Memories Three (2)

Herbie, had written me a letter from Portugal in 89. Yep a letter, written with a pen on a piece of paper, that arrived in an envelope with exotic looking stamps in the post a few weeks after being written. In no uncertain terms he told me to get my arse over to Europe as soon as possible, he wrote it sitting at Supertubos after a 6ft session in perfect left hand barrels, just him and a few other guys competing on the new EPSA Pro Tour in Europe. We had become really good friends while competing against each other at the SA champs and on the SA Pro tour.

That letter was a game changer, the words jumped off the page and sunk into my brain. I decided right then, I would be there for the 1990 season.

Three years later in 93, I was veteran on the EPSA, was about to finish the year 5th on the European ratings and had a goddess siting in my van. In the 10 years since I first went in to the army in 84 till that moment, I felt as if I had lived a lifetime, things had moved so fast.

Surfing was pretty big back in the 80`s in South Africa, it was a school sport, surfing clubs were all over the place and interclub contests were huge. I started surfing for Quick Motion surf club at Snake Park in town, but moved to North Swell at Dairy after a year or two, literally there would be a contest on every weekend in town. At the time North Swell was the strongest surf club in South Africa and to make the North Swell A team was huge, especially if you were from the Bluff.

Thursday, 16 May 2013

Morphine Memories Three.

1 August 1993. Pantin, Spain

She came back the next day.

I was feeling terrible from all of those Vodka screwdrivers, the Spanish summer sun baking down on me in the back of the Kombi, the smell of urine from the girl locked in the whole night was horrible, there were thousands of people all around the Kombi parked at the contest, it was finals day and the beach was packed.

I heard the knock on the kombi door, they were almost getting irritating, the amount of girls always asking to come into the van, almost.

I slowly got up, it was mid-afternoon already and when I slid the door open there she was. As stunning as the night before, jet black hair, tight jeans and a t shirt, if possible even more beautiful than I remembered with that Gaultier leather jacket. It`s always a worry the next morning seeing a girl again, alcohol has a horrible way of distorting your perception.

Not this time, my heart almost stopped, seeing her standing there, she said she would come but I only half believed it, but there she was.

I was in a state, the kombi stank of wet wetsuits, piss and alcohol, I had to get her away from there. It was the finals day so we went and watched a few heats and talked, it was my lucky day she spoke pretty good English so we managed just fine.

Private Health and Insurance Cont (6)

She never came.

The 14 days in hospital, she never came, not once. The message was crystal clear, it was over. My goddess was leaving, she had, had enough. She had been the love of my life and that pain was infinitely more hurtful than a few broken bones, drugs can`t take that pain away.

Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Private Health and Insurance Cont (5)

While it took me about 2 seconds to work at which option I would be choosing, unfortunately I had in the bed next to me some poor soul who had completely lost the plot. Apparently he was a priest.
I could not see him just listen to his uncontrolled ramblings. I had absolutely no idea what was his problem, surely he should have been in a mental patients ward. He could not make any kind of sense, just random words in no orderly manner what so ever came out of his mouth. I know I should not have laughed, but it was my only entertainment. The nurse would come and ask him if he was ok, if he wanted some tea, the answers were always the same, just random words, with a lot of profanities thrown into the mix.

“Hello father, would you like a cup of afternoon tea “
“Red, fuck, apple, shit, cock “

Would be his reply, it was just too much. He had a few elderly ladies come and visit him, later I learned they were from his church, they inevitably left in tears after one of his tirades. My Brother had arrived from Cape Town to spend a few days at my bedside and keep me company, I had to ask him what the hell was going on with the guy in the bed next to me. I was not even sure if it was even real, had he had a brain op. He had yet to witness one of his scenes. He looked at him and said no, he has a broken leg, why ?

Apparently he went into theater fine and when he came out of the anesthetic the wires in his brain just did not connect up properly again.

I had already decided that money was not a priority, I just wanted to be able to walk out of the hospital as soon as possible, if the surgeon had asked me to hand over my house and everything I owned I would have agreed no problem at all.

I just could not help but wonder if the church had chosen the cheap option for the poor guy next to me.

Monday, 13 May 2013

Private Health and Insurance Cont (4)

What are the odds of ever seeing her again, almost unthinkable, but she found me. That’s when the moral dilemma’s began.

She had gone back to Cape Town and actually was way happier back near the ocean, she wanted to come up to Durban and hang out, that scared the shit out of me, what would my girlfriend think about that. Nothing good that’s for sure.

4 Feb 2009.

Just as I was about to get into the very serious process of what the hell I was going to do, the nurse slowly woke me up.

The surgeons had arrived and were arguing on either side of the bed, I could not see them at all. The traction was working. Feeling had come back slowly but surely into my right leg, then left leg, right arm and lastly my left arm. It was still weird, not quite right and they were arguing what they should do. The orthopedic surgeon was over it, he said the bone damage was too substantial to fix, the loss of bone volume of the vertebrae being squashed together could not be fixed. The neurosurgeon was of the other opinion and wanted to operate. This went on for a week, every day I would go off for more x rays, MRI scans, more x rays and more scans. They would come back and have a good heated discussion in Afrikaans, I am sure they thought I could not understand a word they were saying, it´s kind of unnerving hearing specialist doctors talk about your future as if you were not even there, especially when you can feel them next to you but can´t see them, they would check the x rays and scans, then just go away, leaving me more and more confused and worried.

In the end only the neurosurgeon came back and said he wanted to operate, he needed to rearrange the 8 damaged vertebrae and place two titanium prosthesis at the C3 and C4 level.

He kindly explained he could do three different procedures depending on the amount of money I wanted to spend, obviously the cheapest option being the least effective and the most expensive being the option he suggested.

He had written up the 3 different quotations for me to have a look at and think about.

Thursday, 9 May 2013

Morphine Memories Two (8)

She left early in the morning, she was back on duty at reception. I almost ran down to breakfast, I just had to tell the rest of the crew about all the new tricks I had been taught. I guess it’s a guy thing, you got to let the rest of the boys know. A bit of bondage and a few well placed ice blocks can make all the difference.

I lost to Spowy that afternoon, not that it mattered much, she came back down to the contest and brought a few more friends, Hooded won the contest and the party was on back at the hotel again that night. I am not quite sure what the organisers were thinking giving us free room service tabs, the boys were on fire and the drunker we got the more out of hand things became.

MM once again came and saved me and dragged me off to my room, much to the rest of the guys amusement.

I was tied to the bed when the knock on the door sounded, I knew it was the guys messing around so we just ignored it, the door was locked. There were two more knocks and all of a sudden the door opened and in walked the room service waiter with a trolley full of ice buckets and the sound of hilarious laughter of the boys running away down the passage. There was a kind of awkward silence as he took a look at MM who was very naked on top of me tied to the bed. He politely said here is the ice you ordered and said goodnight to MM and walked out.

The next morning we left back for Durban and she was fired.

Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Morphine Memories Two (7)

I was about 12 when I first saw one. It`s not something you will ever forget, a real live one, that was the only way then really. No such thing as TV and definitely no porn magazines, that was illegal and carried jail time, so as a young kid the only way you saw one is if by way of chance a real live one just happened to be right in front of you.

It was early days for me then at the Bay, I went from the Wedge pretty much straight to the Bay Bowl. Bruce was one of the men and they all used to hang out at Dantes, surf and basically just rule. Real men back then, they were all like gods to me as a grom, long hair, open shirts, tight jeans and oozing attitude. Wowie, the Twins, Ginz, Robbie, Bruce, Pat, Tickbird they all held court at Dantes and made the rules.

It was a stunning summers day, hot as hell, a light south west wind blowing small summer waves in the bowl, it was crowded, it always was , the level of surfing was off the Richter, Burn, Pottz, Tucker, Rustin, Hooded, Gordon, RR, like a hall of fame list going crazy in the small left bowl.

Robbie was one cool cat and always had the hottest chicks, I remember being in awe of the women that used to hang out at the Bay, they were stunning, even as a 12 year old they were like a dream come true. Robbie´s girl crossed the road the same time as I did with his board, she had a crochet green string bikini on and it was a skimpy thing, believe me I remember.

I had my Lightning Bolt pink and green chequered twin fin and was going to go for a surf to see if I could get any scraps in the lineup. She had no idea how to surf but it was a scorcher of a day and was messing around in the shore break on the edge of the rip near the rocks. I caught a few little waves and was kind of lurking around her, as she was pretty hot, when all of a sudden she jumped over a small wave and lay down on her board and started paddling out in the rip. HOLY SHIT I almost died, she was less than a metre in front of me and her skimpy string bikini had pulled over to one side and there it was in all its glory right there, I could have reached over and touched it, it was so close.

When she tried to duck dive in front of me, that was it, I had just died and gone to heaven. 

15 years later MM and a handfull of iceblocks made me feel the same way, I had just died and gone to heaven.

Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Monday, 6 May 2013

Morphine Memories Two (5)

BB had my parents terrified she was a walking time bomb. I came home one day to find in big black letters stuck to my bedroom door 
“Thy shall not fornicate here”
 they stared bleakly over me every time I closed my bedroom door, it did not help however she was just an absolute maniac and I loved it.

My dad had a “Bakkie” a truck and I always had to sit in the back as my brother, sister mom and dad all squeezed into the front and I had to sit in the back. We used to drive down to south coast to visit my grandparents every weekend and BB would come along. It was a 30-40 min drive and we would come home in the evening in the dark and she would have sex with me in the back of the Bakkie in plain sight of everyone, if they looked backwards. We were literally only 10cm away from my whole family. She had no fear and the more terrified I was the better the sex was.

When she eventually left me for one of my friends at the beach who had a motorbike I was devastated, but it was the best thing that could ever have happened, she was like a daily game of Russian roulette, it was only a question of time before I took a hit. 25 years later in France my luck finally ran out and I eventually had to deal with a bullet in the chamber.

I at last found a perfect girlfriend and could go about trying to have a normal, safe, loving relationship. BUT when MM looked at me that morning in Joburg with that unmistakable glint in her eye, the rush of adrenaline was unstoppable.

We had had the best day at the Shareworld complex, the wave was absolute junk, but was a challenge to surf, after all it was a competition and none of us were there for the money we all wanted to win. The first day was just practice and the beers were flowing by the afternoon and by the time we got back to the hotel everyone was in the mood to party. We were up in Herbies room and we had free room service, it was chaos, flaming Sambuca`s, Crayfish sandwiches, Champagne, whiskies, beers, we had it all, then we decided we needed to go for a surf in the fountain. Saurus who was at the time a devout Christian that night became a punk rocker. MM arrived and saved me from doing something drastic as I was from the Bluff and by defect had to be the most radical and outrageous.

Maid Marian the next few nights showed me she was by far the most radical and outrageous.

Sunday, 5 May 2013

Morphine Memories Two (4)

I thought that I had things pretty much under control, BB and I had pushed the limits we loved the risk. We had sex after school on the stair well at the high school down the road, the same one as the rugby field and Zulu guard, we could clearly see the rugby team working out in the gym, obviously they could see us as well and one day they had a trap set and caught us. We ran through the school putting our clothes back on laughing like mad things, of course we went back and did it again the next day.

The greater the chance of getting caught the more exciting it became. When her mom would get up and go make a cup of tea in the kitchen, she would jump on me on the couch and then jump back off as her mom came back down the passage, her elder sister knew what was going on her room was just across the passage way and she could see us, but that just made it better. However the front door opened right into the lounge and there were no warning footsteps and no margin for error. Of course her father came home early one day and caught us, he was pretty drunk and was so surprised he did not even react, thank goodness the next day he had forgotten all about it. I suppose he must have thought it was just too impossible to be true. She soon got bored with her house and her parents which I was fine with, but when she started at my house, then it got hectic.
Under no circumstances could MM be seen with any of the guests at the hotel never mind be up in their rooms, that was absolutely forbidden. So when she came up to my room via the back stairwell that night, with a bottle of Champagne on ice, the fact it was against the rules brought back all those memories and just made it seem so much more exciting.

Friday, 3 May 2013

Morphine Memories Two (3)

I am not really sure when I first became hooked on the thrill. I suppose it began with BB my first girlfriend, she had me in her spell, the spell only your first real girlfriend can have over you. The spell of sex and adrenaline, it had us both in its hooks.

I was doomed the moment my first sexual experience was a foursome and I was only 13. Thomas was my best friend and he was way ahead of me at 13, he was by far the naughtiest friend you could ever have. One day Thomas, myself and two girls from down the road all got naked and things have never quite been the same since. I came home that afternoon and was in big trouble, it looked as if I had been attacked by a vampire, I had so many love bites all over me. No ways could I hide them all.

We never had sex that day that came shortly after with BB on the centre spot of the rugby field of the Dirkie Uys High School right in front of our house on the Bluff one night. I wish I could say it was good, weird is the best description I can think of. I heard a sound and looked over my shoulder to see the big Zulu school guard standing over us watching, we ran off screaming, our pants around our ankles terrified.

However BB was not to be deterred and just loved pushing the limits, that mix of sex, fear and adrenaline had us both in its hooks, right from day one, Jesus what a start.

My friends did not like BB, she had power over me. The power only sex can produce and she used it like a pro, she loved to play games and wrapped me around her finger at her will. Her absolute favourite game was to have sex in front of people in plain sight. It became an obsession for both of us really, a risky game that we both loved.

It did not last long we went our own ways after a few years, but right from the start I was addicted to the rush. I became a player before I even knew what that was. The funny thing was no one ever really knew, not even I knew until it was too late and by then it was unstoppable.

The moment I saw Maid Marian with her big smile and knowing look, I knew it was basically just a question of how long it took. Little did I know it was her who was going to be schooling me that weekend.

Thursday, 2 May 2013

Morphine Memories Two (2)

Robin called me and told me about the event, we all thought he was talking about J Bay, not Joburg. I had no idea what the hell he was talking about but I was going no matter where it was. Saurus, Robin, Hooded, DH, Spowy, Herbie and Waddle were the lucky 8 on our way inland. It was going to be a big media event with TV and heaps of mainstream journalist covering the opening of the multi million Rand water park complex.

Saurus and myself drove up with Robin in his van, I hated that drive as I had hitchhiked that road a thousand times when I was doing my basic training in the SADF in Pretoria in 84. Of course we got a puncture halfway there, which was no real problem until we discovered Robin did not bother to carry a spare tyre. So I grabbed the punctured wheel and set off on foot towards Heidelberg to get it fixed so we could make it to Joburg before the contest was over.

We finally arrived into downtown busy early morning traffic in our van with surfboards strapped to the roof, totally lost and asking for directions to the beach. People were not amused surfers are not too welcome in the Transvaal we are seen to be a bunch of beach bum drug addicts, which of course is not too far from the truth.

After driving down a few one way streets and causing a few traffic jams we found our way to the hotel. When we walked in with our bags and surfboards, we did cause a bit of a scene. Bare feet, full of grease from the punctured wheel, no shirts and surfboards. A bit of a change from the rest of the suited businessmen waiting to check in.

MM had the biggest sexiest smile you can image when she started checking us in, she was from Capetown she knew what was going on. I just had to try and asked her what she was doing when she finished her shift. If there is one thing I had learnt in life it is 


That afternoon her and her friends arrived at Shareworld and were our VIP guests, things had just taken a twist for the better.

Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Morphine Memories Two.

Johannesburg Summer 1988.

I met Maid Marian in Johannesburg of all places she worked in the reception of the Sandton Sun, one of South Africa´s best 5 star hotels. I had been invited to take part in an exhibition surf contest at the brand new Shareworld Water Park complex that was opening in Johannesburg, it had Africa´s very first artificial wave pool and myself and 7 other surfers had been invited to come up to Joburg and take part in the opening festivities and surf in the very first inland surfing contest in Africa.

She had curly blonde red hair, freckles and was sooooooo cute, I had a thing for red heads ever since I had seen this really abstract movie when I was just a grom at the morning 10am matinee at the Playhouse in Smith St, Durban when I was about 12. It was called the Mad Adventures of Rabbi Jacob and had this amazingly sexy red head in it or at least she seemed to be at that time.

Actually that’s not quite true I have always had a thing for Brunettes, with the redhead thing a long way behind. Anyway thats besides the point MM was very sexy and we were 8 surfers 600 km away from the ocean on an all expenses paid holiday in the best hotel in town and the shitty one foot chlorine foamies we had to surf were the last thing we had on our minds.

We went on a rampage, the next few days changed some people`s lives forever.