Thursday, 30 January 2014

JBAY Tales (5)

This was my first real surf trip where we were free to do whatever we pleased, just Jack, Leroy and myself and we were good, we did nothing bad, nothing  bad at all. It was the first and last surf trip with Leroy where nothing bad happened,. Every single trip after that one just got progressively worse and worse, actually I mean better and better. 

We surfed all day, and then we surfed some more. We ate huge amounts of canned curry fish and rice, drank huge amounts of alcohol and lit our farts. Man that was a sight to behold, our diet was less than healthy and the curried fish, rice and alcohol mix made us drop some atomic bomb farts and when you drop atomic bomb farts and you are drunk and bored in a dark cold rondavel. You light those things up. 

Jesus to this day I have not seen anything like it (except of course that time at the Café Paris in Hossegor when DH tried to launch a rocket out of his bum)  huge luminous green jet fuel flames spurting out of our rings lighting up the room, kind of like the northern lights with a kick. Of course this was the best thing ever and just made us try harder to out do the last one, fuck it was funny.
I cant say this was the best most classic trip ever, as it was not, but it was the first and it was awesome, the first is always something you remember. There were no drugs, there were no women, there were no fights. Once !  just this once not one of those things happened and we were good.

Tuesday, 28 January 2014

JBAY Tales (4)

I been kind of thinking about the whole Mr P deal. Pretty amazing really, would I let my 16 year old son go off with some dodgy teacher for 3 weeks, even if he was just going to be supplying the lift and was not actually going to be staying with him.

Of course I would, if he had 2 friends the caliber of Leroy and Jack getting his back, and I knew my son was as mentally strong as I was, of course I would. Fuck sakes it’s a trip to J bay. He will be ok. I knid of think we were so much more street smart then than the kids of today, the kids of today have soooo much more info at their disposition but we just were tougher and smarter and we did not take much shit from anyone.

Ok so after saying that, Mr P did not just drop us in J bay and bugger off, no he came around and did spend a night or 2, he came to check to see if we were ok, he said. We were stoked the long walk down to Supers everyday was a pain and when he was around we could surf way more as the car was a bonus.
However he always seemed to have his camera in his hands every time we were getting in and out of our wetsuits and it was always pointed at my arse for some reason. He also followed us into the showers at night and took photos of us showering, the dirty sod.
We all knew what was going on and played the game to perfection, we still had 2 more years at school and 2 more trips to J bay in July to nurture.

(you know I got worse photos than these, but you not seeing them.)

Sunday, 26 January 2014

JBay Tales (3)

Its hard to imagine how J Bay was back then, it was really just a small little town, only the one hotel in the center of town , not a single house on the point yet, not a single back packers, no accommodation anywhere at all, just the hotel, the rondavels or the caravan Park.   No supermarket,   just Unger´s general store, no take away places except Trawlers for fish and chips across the road from the hotel, which to this day is still there. The guest book is also still there and what we wrote in it more than 30 years ago is also still there.

We stayed in the rondavels run by Mrs Spowart, no heating, 3 rusty old beds a small gas stove, no fridge, one small window and a very small kitchen kind of place, not even a toilet or shower, this was in a comunal block and did not have hot water. J Bay in July is cold, believe me it is cold, we had old useless wetsuits, we wore all the clothes we had all at the same time, for 3 straight weeks, we surfed ourselves into a stupor. We pretty much had every single spot to ourselves and it just pumped non stop day after day. 

This was home for 3 weeks and it was paradise.

Wednesday, 22 January 2014

JBay Tales (2)

I am not sure exactly how we managed to scam our way back to JBay only 6 months later. Jack, Leroy and myself alone in J bay for 2 weeks. We were only 16 and we managed to get there and look after ourselves and surf ourselves to death.

Anyway to cut a long story short we managed to convince our biology teacher Mr P to take us to JBay a 1000km drive each way during the winter school holidays in July. Mr P at best was a dodgy character and he would have loved to fondle my bottom. 

I learnt pretty quick that sex gives you power, or in this case the desire he had to fondle my bum, gave me a hold over him. Thinking back now, it most certainly was a dangerous game to be playing at olny 16, but BB had taught me well and used sex to manuipulate and twist me to her will. I guess if you got to learn the hard way its best to learn while you still young. 

Mr P also just happened to be the teacher in charge of the photography club which we of course joined, he just loved the dark room and took a special interest in taking photos of me. With every dodgy photo he took we got closer and closer to JBay.

Just so we get this perfectly clear, Leroy and Jack were always near and Mr P knew without the slightest shadow of a doubt, that if he so much as tried to touch anyone of us he would have lots of his limbs broken.  However like most devious dirty men his desire was too much for him and he agreed to take us to JBay. 

Tuesday, 21 January 2014

JBAY Tales (1)

From that very first moment I laid eyes on her, I have felt her close to me.

Like most eternal love affairs it was more of a lusty need at first, a primal urge to see her again as soon as possible, a need to be near her, to feel her energy to absorb and be absorbed by her.

With time that need has eased and has evolved into a warm feeling of trust, I know she is there, she is not going anywhere, she is patiently waiting for me, we both know there could never be another.

I love her smell, I love her beauty, I love her touch, there is only one like her, I have looked the world over and I cannot find anything that even comes close to her, she truly is unique and I need her.

We have had our ups and our downs, of course we have, like all jealous lovers she even tried to kill me. We have had some great times, the best of times actually. Important times, key moments, moments that mark a lifetime.

Ever since that very first day, I have moved H eaven and earth to be with her, she has been good to me, she has been amazing, even the trying to kill me bit somehow strangely has made me grow as a person, it has made me stronger, it has made me love her even more.
I have made it my mission to make sure she is part of me, and I have succeeded.

From that very first day in 81 we have been together far too little, but we have been together as often as possible and just a  single day with her is better than a 100 with another.

I am eternally grateful to have Jeffreys Bay in my life, she is my paradise on earth.

Monday, 20 January 2014

JBAY Tales.

You know when its love at first sight.

You just know,it´s not something you can control, it’s a feeling that kind of creeps into your stomach, deep down inside of you. When you see her the hair on your arms stands on end, you feel a whole number of emotions all at once.

No matter how many times you see her, no matter how many times, it´s always the same feeling. An uncontrollable urge to be with her always, but life is cruel sometimes and no matter how many nights you dream of waking up and seeing her in all her glory, destiny has kept us apart.

No matter how many days pass without her I know it is just a question of time before I see her again and even if for just  a few brief moments she is mine again. Hope is what keeps me moving forward each day, the hope that one day soon we can be together again.

That same destiny that brought us together now keeps us apart, she can never leave. She is always there. No one can ever take her away from me, she is a part of me.

Thursday, 16 January 2014

Surf, Sex, Violence 85 - 86 (18)

Somewhere , somehow in those hard months the seed was sewn and it most probably sprouted that night. A night of excess in every sense of the word, we just literally did whatever we wanted and absolutely nothing happened. Maybe right there and then I knew deep down that the path of the straight and narrow was just not going to work, we were all way too twisted already.

85 came to an end and into 86 and the last 6 month of service in the Ops Room, the violence continued to escalate, we continued to look the other way, the guys down the beach went from strength to strength and the bashings became worse and worse. 

We all most probably crossed a line and we would never ever be able to return.